Thursday, 19 February 2009

I want to build an Albatross.

I just discovered Seth Godin,

You'll probably laugh (because you already know about him), but I did. And he's right in this blog post about Building an Albatross

Albatrosses take a while to get off the ground, but once they do, they fly and fly. Having been through the trauma of building a business that has to publicise and get stuck on the treadmill of working like crazy for too little reward, an albatross is what I want to be next.

I'll happily stick to my day-job in the knowledge that all the while, in my spare time, I'm working on the foundations of my own albatross. It might take me six months, a year, or three years, but I will have my passive income too!

Have a read, and you'll get the general drift.

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