Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Do you want to know a Secret?

I've been working with an amazing book called "The Secret" for about 18 months now.

When I say "working", it's not that it's entirely an easy thing. You've probably seen it on bookshelves, and you might even have bought and read it (or been given it) but not everybody lets its message sink into their being and truly works with the truths of it's teaching: about the Universal Law of Attraction.

Now that Law can be applied to health, personal life, or to the topic of this blog: Money. And really, it's not all guff. This is a "secret" that has been known by some of the greatest minds ever produced by the human race. And it works.

I think the reason I need to tell you all about it now rather than earlier, is that I finally think I have the proof that it's working (although I've trusted that it was all along).

The Clincher for me was all to do with 5c. Yep. 5c.

For the last month, either myself or my husband (also working with the Secret), and usually both have picked up 5c coins on the street. Daily.

I'm not joking!

Of course, that's not the only thing that's happened, but I think it's the most significant, strangely. More than the early raise Karl got, or my surprise at Centrelink's not reefing a ton of family allowance of us when I got my own. More, even than the fact that we can finally, honestly, say that we are on the road to being debt-free.

But the 5c pieces are VERY significant. They're proof (well, I think, positively) that all of this is because The Secret really works. How? you ask...

Because I have come to expect them.

That's right. You expect cheques in the mail, you get. You put it out there that you are going to receive a large sum of money soon, and you will receive. It really, really works! Of course, you don't expect money in particular for nothing (although you might win the Lotto!). You still need to be taking positive action in your life to bring these things in. You need to keep your mind and options open to new ideas, constantly, and take action on them. But if you take positive action and truly expect a positive result, then you will, evenutally, get it.

It comes faster and faster. I'm now turning to expect bigger coins in my path. 10c or even $1. The 5c pieces are now my daily reminder that all the work we have done in the past couple of years is actually paying off.

Not going to pay off. Is actually paying off already.

Let's see how it goes? You guys go check out the book, and I'll keep you posted!

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