Friday, 24 October 2008

It's my birthday and I'll buy if I want to...

Robert Kiyosaki, you have a lot to answer for, telling me serious things on my birthday!

I probably have a lot to answer for reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" on my birthday too...

Seriously, great, GREAT book.

I think the problem is that the concept of paying myself first (building my asset column and keeping it there, working hard for me) is starting to sink in, even though our income is really rather, well...crap, right now.

I understand Mr Kiyosaki's point of being disciplined about this, but when your child care rebate came as a surprise on the same (wet) day that your apprenticed husband's shoes develop holes, along with the collapse of his last pair of trousers and the death of his last t-shirt and apron (acid - bane of every jeweller's wife), and you start to think "Save or combat-shop at the local outlet centre?", it's a bit of a problem.

It can also be depressing knowing that you need to be disciplined on your birthday (no going out for me this weekend), and when the first birthday party (and costumed one) you've been invited to in years happens to be next week and you don't have the right kind of stash, or time, to make that Steampunk outfit you've always dreamed of.

Yep, I'm human too! And I really am at the start of that journey I talked about, and wanting to share what I am learning along the way.

This may be a bit of a bitch-fest, but I think it has a moral somewhere that's worth sharing... Just bear with me while I find it.

Just as I win the battle with the telcos (Brilliant! I saved $50 per fortnight off our phone/mobile/internet bills!), and am staring at a $140 per fortnight surplus in our budget, I get the idea that I really need to pay myself first.

i.e. start that savings plan, no matter whether our clothes are falling off, or the house needs repairs. I think I finally grok that I really shouldn't wait until my big grand business plan starts to bring in the dosh to put some money into savings and leave it there to grow until I can get those investments I want.

I suppose $90 would be a start...

***k it.

I want some fun.

It's my birthday dammit.

I guess this goes back to the Better Value Proposition I talked about way back at the start. I need to decide whether making myself that costume (and probably getting to add it to my portfolio) is going to be worth more than the $60 I need to spend on fabric to get the job done.

Solving the unsolvable dilemma. We're all allowed to have our bad days.

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